Mẫu đăng ký nhập học ĐH Chosun 2014 (tiếng Anh)

Chosun University

2014 Spring/Summer semester
Information of application Korean Language Course


1. Qualification


Any applicant whose parents, as well as the applicant, have foreign nationalities.

Any applicant who graduated(or is going to graduate) from international or domestic

high schools Or those who have an equivalent educational background as above


2. Program schedule



Class period

Class weeks/hours


March - May

10 weeks(200hours)


June - August

10 weeks(200 hours)


September - November

10 weeks(200 hours)


December – February of next year

10 weeks(200 hours)

1 year

March -  February of next year

40 weeks(800 hours)



3. Required documents & Application way


A. Required documents


Required documents

1) Application forms issued by Chosun University :

Download at http://www.chosun.ac.kr/www/popup/admission.html

(Application form, self-introduction, finance guaranty vows, request for Academic credentials verification, Confirmation of translators)

2) 4 photos with white background (3.5cm * 4.5cm) For alien card, student ID card

3) A copy of passport

4) 1 original certificate of (expected) graduation from the latest school and a copy

5) 1 original transcript of the latest school and a copy

6) A Certificate of bank balances(above US$7,000) of financial guarantor or applicants

(The money must be kept until entrance in Korea and be named by parents or applicants)

7) A certificate of employment and Income or business license and tax payment of financial guarantors.

8) Korean Translated documents : Applicants should submit translations of 4),8) documents

9) Application fee: 1Domestic: 100,000won  2Abroad: 115$

(Application fee is to be paid with tuition fee after pass the course.)

Additional documents

1. Domestic Applicants : Transcript of Korean Language Course, Certificate of enrollment or confirmation

documents / A copy of alien card(Front and back)

2. Chinese applicants: Family certificate, Academic Credentials Confirmation document(or Stamp)


B. Application to International office, External affairs office

Download application form at http://www.chosun.ac.kr/www/popup/admission.html

How to apply: We only accept mail-in applications (we do not allow e-mail)

Mail registration: International Office, Chosun University, 309, Pilmundae-ro, Dong-gu,

Gwangju, Korea <Postal cord>501-759

Contact: +82-62-230-6486

Documents should be arrived before November 31st 17:00, the day of the deadline.


4. Screening & Schedule


A. Screening

International Students Admission Committee evaluates submitted documents for the decision

 of admission (Personal history, school record, academic ability, financial ability and route are


When applicants are judged as having low studying and financial ability, they shall not be

admitted  regardless of the number to be admitted.


B. Screening Schedule



2014 Spring semester

2014 Summer



Application period

2013.12.01 ~ 2013.12.31.15:00

2014.03.01 ~ 2014.03.31.15:00

Application form Download at


Announcement of successful candidate



http://eng.chosun.ac.kr or http://chi.chosun.ac.kr

Admission certificate will be sent by airmail as mentioned in the application form. (In fire of domestic, visit international office)

Applicants from abroad should get foreigners exist visas for final admission.

Deadline of Enrollment



Payment: Gwangju Bank004-107-510119

Account holder : Chosun University

(Korean Language Course)

The first day of class



More detailed Information of orientation will be noticed by text message or call


All International Students

Limited application

More detailed schedule of admission will be noticed by email mentioned application form.

* Applicants who stay in Korea can enter winter or summer semester because we recruit applicants temporarily in September

 or March, But living in the dormitory is not possible.


5. Tuition fee and Scholarship


        . Tuition fee

New student of domestic or Enrolled student: should be paid during registration period before

each Spring or Fall class.

Tuition fee: 2,000,000 won/ 2 semesters

International students(abroad): take a class a year basis, so International students(abroad) should

pay one year's tuition fee.

Application fee: 100,000 won(Application fee is to be paid with tuition fee).

      . Scholarship

      Excellence student scholarship on every semester: 1st and 2nd grade of each class



6. Entering Dormitory


A. Requirements: All freshmen can enter dormitory; registered student can apply for vacancies

B. Dormitory fee (* Green Village : Dormitory for International student)

- Dormitory fee: Maintenance 900,000won + Deposit 20,000won = 920,000won

- Period of stay: Mar. 3nd, 2014~Aug. 31th, 2014

- Any student who wants to enter the dormitory before the date, he/she needs to pay extra

dormitory fee. (5,000 Korean won, or about 5 USD a day).

C. Facilities: A single bed, (with drawers), a desk, a chair, a closet (mirror and shoes-rack attached),

LAN cable, a telephone, a bed pad, vertical curtains etc

(On green village, there are timeshare kitchen for men and individual cooking spare for women)

D. Students shall prepare a blanket, a pillow, a bed cover, a cloth hanger, soaps and

a toothbrush, slipper etc.

E. Convenient facilities: Computer rooms, laundry rooms, common rooms, shower rooms etc.

F. Remarks

(1) Registered student who gets poor grade will be kicked out and go back home

(2)All dormitory residence should buy insurance and take a medical check at medical

centre.(Infectious disease patients should return own country.)


7. Benefits


A. Korean Cultural Trip  

         - We provide students with a variety of Korean cultural trip per one semester.

B Support TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) examination fee

         - For improving Korean language skills, any student who gets TOPIK results will take the examination

 fee if s/he brings it to international office.

C Excellent Grade scholarship

         - For inspiring student’s willing to study, every semester students who get excellent grade, 1st grade

 and 2nd grade of each class will take Excellent Grade scholarship.

D Korean Buddy Program for New students


8. Note


Dual nationalities and people with no proof of nationality will not accepted as foreign students.

When applicant's names on documents differ, certificates issued by their district courts certifying

that the names on the documents match with the person who has applied should be submitted.

If it is found that accepted documents have been forged or illegally altered, acceptance will be


Items not specified in the guideline are handled by regulations of Chosun University.

The presented documents will not be returned only except original graduation certificate

regardless admission. Remittance charge for tuition refund for dropout will be charged at your expense.

Getting a final admission, the passed applicants must submit a certificate of overseas travel

insurance within 30days after joining US 150$ Insurance in Korea.

Contact: 062-230-6486 / admission@chosun.ac.kr


조선대학교 외국인 한국어 연수 지원서

(Application for  Korean Language Program , Chosun University)

* 서명을 제외한 다른 내용은 손으로 쓰지 말고 컴퓨터로 입력한 제출하세요. (Please this application should be typed, not handwritten, except for signature.)

¢ 지원자 개인 정보(Applicant’s personal information)

수험번호 (Examinee's Number)

한글이름(Korean Name) :

영문이름(Passport Name) :

사진을 이곳에 부착하시고 추가로 3장은 제출하여 주십시오(3.5*4.5cm 흰색바탕의 여권용 사진)

Attach your Photo here. Plus

Submit 3 photos

(Size: 3.5cm*4.5)

(Background: White)


국적(Nationality) :

생년월일(Datd of birth) :

성별(Sex) : (Male) (   )  (Female) (   )

외국인등록번호(Alien No.) :

여권번호(Passport No) :

유효기간(Valid until) :         /     /     /

연락처 (contact)

주소(Mailing address) :


우편번호( Postal Code) :

이메일(E-mail) :

전화(Telephone) :

핸드폰번호(Mobile Phone) :



(Home country contact)

비상연락주소(address) :

우편번호(Postal Code) :

비상연락전화(phone) :


* 모든 입학정보는 이메일을 통하여 이루어지므로 본인의 이메일 주소를 정확하게 기입하여 주시기 바랍니다.

(All the information related to entrance will be sent your e-mail, please write down your e-mail address correctly.)

* 입학과 관련한 서류를 원활하게 송부하기 위해서 지원자 본인의 정확한 주소 연락처가 필요하므로 정확하게 기입하여 주시기 바랍니다. (We need exact address and contact information to send the documents related to entrance. Please write down your detailed address and contact information correctly.)



¢ 가족사항 (Family Background)





(Date of birth)

학력(Scholarly attainments)

직장명/직위(Name of workplace/title in ffice)

재직기간(Period of career in office)


(Mobile phone)



































¢ 교육사항(Education: Academic History starting from High School)

학력(Study record)


학교명(Name of school)


졸업여부( Graduated or not )

고등학교 (高中学校)




대학교 (大学)




¢ 지원경로 유학동기(Application Route and purpose of studying abroad) (v)

지원경로(Application Route)

인터넷(Internet)    □ 대학 언어연수(Korean Language Course in Other Uni.)   □ 기타( etc ) :


학위 취득(Degree)   □ 귀국 취업(Work)   □ 사업(Business)     기타(etc) :

¢ 한국어학습경험(Korean learning experience) (v)

없음(None)    □ 1개월 미만(less than 1month)   □ 1개월(1month)   □ 3개월(3month)  □ 6개월(6month)   □ 1 이상(More than 1year)

¢ 학습계획(学习计划)(v)

□ 6개월(6个月)     □ 1(1)     □ 1 한국어 연수 학부/대학원 진학(1年语言研修后升本或硕士)

¢ 기숙사 입사 여부(Housing) (v) : 학교기숙사 (University Dormitory)    외부거주 (Live outside)

* 국외에서 오는 학생은 기숙사 입사의무이므로 학교기숙사 체크바람. ( Every candidate from abroad must residence in dormitory so please check ‘University Dormitory’.)

제출한 서류의 기재된 모든 내용이 사실임을 확인하며, 만약 합격된다면 조선대학교의 규칙과 규정을 준수할 것에 동의합니다

(I certify that all the information provided on this form and in the accompanying documents is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and, if admitted, I agree to comply with the rules and regulations of Chosun University.)

날짜(Date) :         /      /    

Year   Month  Date                서명(Signature) :




개인정보 동의 유학경비부담서약서

( Personal Information Agreement and Financial Affidavit)

¢ 개인정보 제공 동의(Privacy Information Agreement)

상기 본인은 제출한 서류의 기재된 모든 내용이 사실임을 확인하며, 조선대학교에서의 학사업무 처리 원활한 유학 생활을 위하여 「개인정보보호법」제 15조에 의해 보호되고 있는 본인에 관한 개인정보를 제공하는 것에 대하여 동의합니다. (I agree to allow Chosun University to officially request the verification of my academic records. Also, I hereby officially agree that my private information, protected by Privacy Agreement Laws of Korea, will be used by Chosun University for my successful study and academic affairs)

정보의 수집 이용 목적

학사업무(입학,성적,장학,졸업,기숙사,보험,행사,동문관리,취업 ), 출입국, 비자

개인정보의 항목

성명, 소속(대학, 학과, 학번), 생년월일, 여권번호, 외국인등록번호, 연락처, 주소(한국내, 본국)

개인정보 보유부서 이용기간

조선대학교 국제협력팀 학사관리부서, 대한민국 정부 부처, 본인 영사관(대사관)/ 준영구

< 동의서를 제출하지 못하는 사유 >

신청인 또는 보호자가 동의서 제출을 거부한 경우

신청인이 인지기능저하 등으로 개인정보제공에 대하여 의사표시를 없는 경우


¢ 유학경비부담서약(Financial Affidavit)

1) 연간 소요경비(추정액) (Average costs for an academic year)

기준금액(基准铜币) $1=1,000

학교에 1년간 납부하여야 금액(To be paid to the University annually)

수업료(Course enrollment fee)

2,000,000 x 2학기(About US 2,000$ x 2)

입학금(Admission fee)

0(About US $ 0)


4,000,000(About US $ 4,000)

생활경비(生活经费) : 개인에 따라 증감될 있음(按自己消费会有所增减)


2,000,000(US $ 2,000)


6,000,000(US $ 6,000)


8,000,000(About US $ 8,000)

(Total) : 12,000,000(About US $12,000)


2) 보증인 서약(Sponsor)

상기 학생이 귀교 수학기간 동안 학비를 포함한 일체의 소요경비 조달문제에 대해 재정적 책임을 것과 함께 제출하는 본인의 재직증명서 재산세 과세 증명서가 틀림이 없음을 서약합니다.

(I hereby certify that I will take full financial responsibility for the education and living expenses for the student mentioned above for the duration of studies. Further, I guarantee that the attached certificate of employment and certificate of property tax payment are true and accurate.)

성명(Name) :

서명(Signature) :


연월일(Date) :

주소 전화번호(Address & Phone) :

연간수입액(US$) (Annual income amount) :

수입내역(Income route-describe in details) :

* 보증인=재직증명서, 수입증명서 명의=은행잔고증명서 명의 (Sponsor name= A certificate of employment and Income name=Bank statement’s name)




자기소개서 수학계획서(Self-introduction & Study Plan )

부분은 다음에 기초하여 작성하여 주십시오. (This section should be based on the following by Korean.)

1. 성장과정 자기소개(Life background & Self-introduction)

2. 수학계획(Study Plan)

3. 기타(Other)






학력조회 의뢰서(Request for Academic Credentials Verification)


¢ 지원자 졸업학교 정보(Applicant's Graduation Information)

지원자이름(Applicant's Name)

생년월일(Date of Birth) (yyyy/mm/dd)

지원자 졸업 학교명(Name of School)

* 졸업 또는 졸업예정인 학교 이름(where you most recently has earned or are to earn the diploma)

교무처 & 학력 증명처

(Information on Records & Transcripts Office)




수학일자(Dates of Attendance) (yyyy/mm/dd)

From              to

졸업일자(Year of Graduation)



* 이하 내용은 본인이 졸업한 학교 관계자 측에서 기록하는 부분으로 지원자의 최근 학력에 대한 정보를 기록해 주시기 바랍니다. (The following section is for the staff of Records & Transcripts Office at the university where the applicant most recently has earned or is to earn the diploma.)


* 중국인 지원자는 아래 학력 조회 확인 기입을 생략하고 주재국 한국영사의 확인을 받은 최종학력에 대한 공증서류, 또는 중국 교육부 운영 학력/학위인증센터에서 발행한 학력인증보고서로로 대신합니다.

중국 이외 국가 학생은 아래 사항을 반드시 기입하여 제출하여야 합니다.

(Chinese applicants do not have to fill in below Verification Report. Instead, should submit 'Academic Credentials Confirmation document (or Stamp) on your final degree.

Applicants who do not Chinese should fill in below Verification Report. )



학력(Degree or

Certificate Earned)

전공(Field of Study)



(Date of Graduation)






상기 내용이 사실임 확인합니다. (I confirm that the information in the attached document is correct.)

담당자 이름(Name of person completing this report) :



학교직인(School Seal)


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